The Yamaha FZ1 is an awesome hooligan machine but the riding experience can be adversely effected by the distinct throttle snatch at 5000–6000 rpm, where rolling off the throttle and rolling back on causes a distinct surge in acceleration due to faster opening of the sub-throttle plates or secondary flies. ECUwest’s ECU remapping will rectify this problem plus provide the all important kick in the pants a litre bike should deliver. Below are some out takes from customers experiences with this model.

“Hi Darren, the ECU arrived yesterday – very quick! I went for a ride today and I’m very happy with the result, low speed throttle response is way smoother, the grabby clutch is gone, and it goes like a litre big bike should, really quick to redline and very linear. The thermo fans kick in at 85, perfect. I would defiantly get this done again on another bike, thanks Darren”

Gregor – VIC

“Hi Darren, received and installed the ECU. FCE is great! No more surging on part throttle, or zero throttle to very light throttle where it would splutter….gone! Nice smooth power delivery through rev range and judging by the exhaust note and minimal popping on overrun the fueling is just right. Very easy starting too. Front end gets light on 1/4 throttle with 1st – 3rd restrictions now removed….takes it nothing to lift by rolling on bit more throttle….this thing is an animal!!! Feels, sounds and powers the way it should. The ECUwest reflash has been the best modification I’ve done by far! The best way to extract the most out of the other bolt on modifications.

Paul – NSW

“Hi Darren, stoked with the bike’s performance now. It certainly has more low end torque and is smoother when throttling on and off, which is what I was hoping to get out of the remap, plus an unexpected positives is that she uses less fuel now than before the remapping which is awesome. Thank you for your great service, specifically your updates and communications”

Bryan – WA

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    Do you need a power commander with the ECUWEST ?

    • No, you dont need a power commander (PC), the ECU flash corrects the Air Fuel Ratios (AFR’S) that come way off from the factory due to emissions controls etc. However you can also run a PC if you want to customise your fueling. A lot of race teams do this, but the street guys just dont need this. The ECU flash will correct your AFR’s, edit your timing maps – this is where most of the power gains are made – and remove timing retards in the lower gears which the factories put into place for regulatory reasons. We can also remove top speed limits, change rev limits, idle speed and cooling fan cut in temperatures plus more. A power commander or Bazazz FI will only alter the signal to the fuel injectors to change AFR’s. Cheers – ECUWEST

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