Situated in Perth Western Australia, ECUWEST is your provider of Performance ECU Remapping (Chip Tuning) for most late model Bikes, Cars, Trucks, 4WDs, Boats and Agricultural Machinery. Specialising in DTC solutions and ECU Diagnosis, we get you back on the road in no time. Custom Motorcycle Dyno Tuning also available. We also supply and fit exhaust and ECU tuning packages for most 4WD's

Dollar for dollar, modifying your Engine Control Unit (ECU) will provide more Horse Power, Torque & gains in Economy than any other performance modification you can do - Period.

All turbo diesel and turbo petrol vehicles will see gains of at least 20%, And with a Turbo Back Exhaust we achieve gains of up to 55%  over stock figures!

At ECUWEST we not slaved to anyone, we use multiple tune-file editing software platforms allowing us to develop our own Dyno derived tunes files in house with our dealer network. And because we are master dealers we work side by side the worlds best tune-file writing experts achieving the best specialised tune for your vehicle.

All street/race bikes will see at least a 6% - 10% gain in Horse Power, some will see gains of up to 20Hp! The best part is that we can change default start up modes, remove O2 sensors and Speed Limiters. Do away with unsightly piggyback units like the Power Commander PCV and Bazzaz Z-Fi, an ECU reflash will tune both your Fuel and Ignition timing maps among many other advantages, and the best part is - its invisible!

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"All I can say is WOW!! The best $500 ever spent mate! The throttle response now is amazing and the top end speed I reckon was around the 320-325 before I ran outa road (track)! 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear power wheelies!! Woohooooo!!"

Scott, Darwin NT - ZX14R