There are a multitude of reasons why we think you should choose us over the ‘competition’ which are paramount to being successful in this industry.

  • Our customer and dealer support is at the top of our priorities and as such we believe it is second to none. You will be able to pick up the phone and talk to us to get real time assistance with any issues you are having. You’ll carry the name of our business and therefore we ensure you receive the best support possible.
  • We provide full training on our systems and the hardware for all current and future customers. For all start-ups we offer training at our HQ location or via remote connection should the customer choose. We also provide on-going training should you require a refresher or training for new employee’s etc. We aim to ensure you are 100% confident in all aspects of tuning a vehicle and provide continual support through a variety methods all the way. You carry our name so we will ensure you get the very best training and are confident in carrying out the works.
  • We have been trained by the manufacturers of the tuning equipment so you’ll know you will be getting the best assistance possible
  • We only use full registered and legitimate versions of hardware and software so you will get the best OEM support there is.

Testimonial below

With our long term custom tuning background and massive market presence in Adelaide, our direction was to pursue master tuner equipment, training and support.Research found this fellow in WA, who gave us opportunity to focus on our existing platforms without disadvantage of leaving another viable market untouchedThe business decision was to utilize his training and support across multiple staff here so they could run a vehicle, read ecu file and send both to WA for “Aussie tune files” exactly suited to our region and the specific car on the dyno at any time. The association with Darren at ECU West has proven nothing less than a fantastic business decision, as his tuning skills and support have opened the door to multiple vehicles being custom tuned as if they were done here with our own software and skills. Basically it is like another high integrity, high skilled and highly dedicated staff member without the issues of employing staff, supplying more high level training or any of the other staff & equipment costs. If you are a shop dedicated to the finest outcome for your clients and prepared to put your skills and experienced back to the ECU West mission, I can recommend this association to any dyno shop who can maintain the mindset of working with Darren as a team player for the combined growth of their own business in line with ECU West

A great business decision, we love it.



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