Become an ECUWEST Dealer and tune in your own workshop like a pro!!

There are many critical reasons why we think you should consider us over other tuning companies which are paramount to being successful in this industry. Apart from ECUWEST being the first Master tunefile service provider and Alientech Dealer in Australia,

  • Our dealer support and tune file quality is at the top of our priority list. You will be able to pick up the phone and talk to us to get real time assistance with any issues you are having. As you will be representing ECUWEST we have a vested interest in your customers satisfaction. All our tune files have been developed on the dyno and the road in house. We charge no extra for DTC, EGR, DPF or revision files. Tune Files are processed within the hour or sooner 99% of the time 
  • We provide formal Alientech Approved training on our systems, tuning tools and tune files for all current and future dealers. For all new dealers we offer training at our HQ location or via remote connection, whatever you choose. We also provide on-going training should you require a refresher or training for new employee’s etc. We aim to ensure you are 100% confident in all aspects of tuning a vehicle and provide continued support through a variety of methods.
  • ECUWEST is one of only two Authorised Alientech agents in Australia, this ensures you’ll receive prioritised service from Alientech should you require it, plus you will receive information on upcoming new vehicles and updates before your competition.
  • We only use full legitimate versions of hardware and tune file editing software so you will get the best tuned files and support there is.



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