ECUWEST has recently developed DSG transmission tuning for our VAG customers

DSG tuning can be done on a stock vehicle improving its driving characteristics or combined with an ECU tuned vehicle to make the most out of the modifications you have made.

DSG tuning can include launch control, shift and torque limiter setting adjustments to give the driver the best possible driving experience. Tuning is available for DQ200, DQ250, DQ500 & DL501 DSG Transmissions

DSG Tuning Options & Benefits

Increased Shift Response – The shift response can be increased providing a smoother gear to gear transition, meaning a reduction of unnecessary clutch slip under full load acceleration protecting your clutch from premature failure. With the reduced shift times you will also benefit from improved paddle reaction time in Sport mode.

Torque Limiter Modifications – The vehicle torque limiters are tuned as part of our ECU remap, however if your vehicle is equipped with DSG transmission then you could be missing out as the DSG control unit does have its own inbuilt torque limiters also.  Through tuning we are able to release the extra torque produced from your tuned engine whilst still ensuring the stability and capability of all mechanical moving hardware within the DSG transmission.

RPM Limiter Adjustments – Here just like the torque limiter tuning as above your DSG has control of RPM limiters for each gear there would be no point to make adjustments the engine ecu RPM limiter without the same changes applied to the DSG maps. Increasing these shift points will give the driver full control and command of the engines power in the upper RPM ranges and we will set the DSG rev limit to work with your engines current setup.

Launch Control – Launch control can be activated in most cars but is particularly effective in DSG equipped vehicles.

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