ECUWest has cracked the Indian Made KTM Bosch ECU’s, defined the files and developed awesome tuning packages. As can be seen in the graphs below, the bikes run dangerously lean once free flowing exhausts are fitted and airbox mods are carried out, the power curves are horrible before ECU remapping also. A massive 4Nm increase of peak torque in such a light bike will give that unfair advantage you’re after, not to mention more than 10Nm down low. A 500RPM over rev will help when shift times arent quite right too. $495.00 Mail in flash or $850.00 for custom dyno remap 

2015 KTM RC390 ECU Remapping

Massive gains in power, torque and readability

2015 KTM RC390 ECU Remapping

DJet HP comparison figures Stock V’s tuned +500rpm over rev added also


2015 KTM RC390 ECU Remapping

Dangerously lean off scale > 16:1 AFR’s are presnt with stock tune and sports exhaust fitted – this is fixed with our remap

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