We have mail order flash tunes for the MT-09 to suit any modification you’ve made. If you’re located in WA, we can custom tune your bike on our state of the art in house bike dyno.

Our local Yamaha Dealer supplied us with a stock demo MT-09 which did a best run of 96 RWHP . From the stock figure of 96 (110 DJET) to 107.4 (123.5 DJET) we’re pretty stoked with the results and so are our customers. Specifications on MT-09 tuning below

Eliminate Factory Restrictions- Yields nearly 10hp (Race Applications Only)
Increase Acceleration & Top Speed
Improved Throttle Response & Control 

Improved Fuel & Ignition Maps – O2 Sensor Deactivation When Custom Tuned
Eliminates Factory Throttle Restrictions
Optimise Throttle Maps (Fly By Wire)
Eliminate Timing Retards
Increase Rev Limit

Remove Factory Top Speed Limiter
Eliminate Factory Fuel Cut/Optimise Off-Throttle (Decel) Mapping
Default Start Setting In A Mode

$495.00 including free express return shipping for mail order flash tuning or $850.00 for custom dyno tuning at our workshop in Port Kennedy WA

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ECUWEST Performance MT09 Tuning

Screen Shot MT-09 Tuning

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2 Responses to Yamaha MT-09 Performance ECU Remapping & Dyno Tuning
  1. I’d like to say a big thanks to Darren & ECUWEST for flashing the ECU on my MT-09.

    The flash, as described, has completely transformed this bike into a smoother, more user friendly machine.

    For the minimal outlay, there are No complaints regarding the quality of this product.

    Well done & another thanks for providing a 1st class service.

  2. Huge thanks to Darren & ECU West, had my MT-09 flashed today, the flash is amazing, it completely transformed the bike, highly recommended.

    Awesome service and a great guy too.

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