The MT-07 is a great looking bike, great value too. But its performance can leave you disappointed, especially for track days. Mind you when I had my bike “P” Plates, the choice was woeful. Your 250cc options were limited to a gutless four stroke or crazy RGV type  2-stroke (which I loved but couldn’t afford). I had a 1991 Honda XR250 that wouldn’t even do the speed limit on the highway. Conversely, the MT-07 will easily do 160km/h stock, so things are much better these days. So we took a brand new MT-07 LAMS bike and threw it on the dyno to see what it made, it pulled 42hp at the wheel. Adding a full exhaust system not only made that cross plane engine sound awesome but got rid of some serious weight too. Although power gains were modest at best, netting only 3 additional horsepower over stock. So we went about finding the ECU and analysing the stock tunefile to see where the restrictions were hiding. Through weeks of research and development we pulled apart the tunefile and came up with a combination that profoundly transforms the MT-07 into a seriously fun machine to ride. The full exhaust really comes into play once the bike is de-restricted and correctly tuned via the ECU, ending up with 64.1HP at the rear and a massive 50% improvement over stock, making this bike – with its lower weight and purchase price, a serious contender for its bigger sibling, the MT-09. And I wouldnt mind betting I’d be quicker around the track on this modified bike than a stock MT-09…

We have re-scaled the TPS voltage to fuel mapping so the bike will not throw FI codes when removing throttle restrictions, these maps have also be calibrated so that the fulling (AFRs) are correct in this part of the map, not running dangerously lean (this section of the map was not intended to be used by the Yamaha design engineers)

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In stock trim the MT-07 delivered 42hp in a sewing machine like manner…


ECUWEST Yoshimura R77 MT-07 Exhaust

The Full Yoshi System looks great on the MT-07 in carbon. Note, that we meter fueling in each cylinder individually making the best tune possible. The factory O2 sensor is removed without error codes coming up on the dash.


ECUWEST MT-07 Tuning

Huge gains over stock….

MT-07 DNA Filter and Airbox lid Review

In attempt to squeeze the very last bit of power and torque out of the MT-07 we decided to give the DNA hiflo filter and modified air box lid at test – installation is fairly involved – allow 1 hour at least – if you can justify it.

MT-07 Performance Mods

Peak Power Gains of 28hp (Djet) 62% gain at the rear wheel

MT-07L Final Tuning and Modification results here.

MT-07L Final Tuning and Modification results here. As you can see from the graph, the addition of the DNA filter, airbox lid and airbox restrictor removal yielded 8 horsepower. This is very noticable when riding and overtaking in higher gears, effortlessly pulling from 5th and 6th gear. This is a totally independent review as we bought and paid for the parts and fitted/tested the gains ourselves. We’ll post up some images of the MT-07 at our last track day test soon. She did well, easily overtaking the Ninja 300’s and other LAMS bikes in its class.

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  1. Hello was wanting to squeeze a little more performance out of my mt-07, what is a ecu up grade going to cost and whats involved in installing and do you guys ship to new zealand thatnks

    • Hi Mate, we sure can ship to NZ – the cost is $495.00 AUD + Shipping
      Just sent us your ECU along with the completed order form and well tune it for you.

  2. Very pleased with the ECU remap, revs out nicley and is even smoother in heavy city traffic.

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