ECM Titanuim

If you have a Master KessV2 or Ktag tool, you can make your own performance tunefiles using ECM Titanium

Developed by Alientech, ECM TITANIUM is software that allows you to interpret the files stored inside the Engine Control Unit, easily, accurately, independently and with great reliability.

Using Drivers, real “indices” to read the files contained in the ECU, you can easily find the main maps and limiters stored inside the files to increase engine performance or simply to save on fuel consumption.

ECM Titanium is a revolutionary device that works on any PC, without installing any software. After inserting the key, in a few seconds ECM Titanium starts and thanks to 8 GB of memory, you will always have with you your original files, modified, increases and the drivers downloaded from Alientech database.

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ECM Titanuim 2