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ECUWEST’s Custom Dyno ECU Remapping will yield 27% gains in both power and torque, gain fuel economy and throttle response. Dyno results below – $995.00 Mail In Flash and base tune $1400.00 Custom Dyno Tune 

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Using our state of the art Mainline Motorcycle Dyno, ECUWEST can dyno tune your rich and boggy Mikuni carbed KTM 2 Stroke to perfection. Get more power and torque, better mileage and crisp throttle response.

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ECUWEST have finally got our hands on a 1290 Super Duke R. This bike came in with a full SC Project Exhaust and was running dangerously lean with the factory tunefile. As can be seen in the screen shot below we’ve smoothed fuel out, targeting 13:1 which yielded 6Nm or torque and 4Hp while making..

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Gen 2 Yamaha V-MAX Performance ECU Remapping 200 RWHP!

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We have spent some serious time getting rid of the factories strangle hold over the V-Max, the bike now making 200 Djet Horse Power at the rear wheel with no modifications other than ECU tuning. Next we will see how this mad torque monster will go with a full Akro system. Details below $495.00 Mail..

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Don’t get caught out by focusing on price only when choosing your Performance Diesel Tuning Service Provider. A client bought in his new PX today as he was unhappy with the outcome he got from another company. It turned out the tunefile wasn’t the only dodgy aspect to the job. Missing fasteners, or just being..

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Mitsubishi 3.2DiD ML Triton Performance Tuning

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Massive Gains in Power and Torque – Gains below are from tuning alone.

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Honda CB650F Lams Power Upgrade

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We all know Honda’s reputation for indisputable build quality and even the Thai built versions aren’t bad. We’ve been lucky enough to have one for a few months to crack the ECU and its information to make quite a decent sporty 650 – taking away that need to trade up when your P’s run out...

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Kawasaki Ninja 250 & 300 Production Class Killing Machines?

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Are you sick of being dominated by 35 kg whippets in the production class? We can fix that, come see us for a tune that will put you on the podium. Period

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Leading Edge Race Coaching Review

On May 19th, 2016, posted in: ALL CATEGORIES by 0 Comment

We all want to drop those precious seconds and then 10’s of seconds off of our lap times right? Well apart from an ECUWEST remap how do we achieve that?! I was struggling around the low 62’s at Barbagallo Raceway for several tuning sessions (managing a PB of 61.8) and started wondering how was I..

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Suzuki GSX-S1000 Performance ECU Remapping & Custom Dyno Tuning

On March 30th, 2016, posted in: ALL CATEGORIES by 2 Comments

ECUWEST has cracked the new GSX-S1000 and with it unleashed a load of power, removed the horrible throttle snatch and rough running around 2500rpm making it a whole lot more fun to ride. Tuning details below: Eliminate Factory Restrictions- Yielding 8hp from tuning only! Increase Acceleration & Top Speed Improved Throttle Response & Control  Improved..

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