ECUWEST has teamed up with Whipple Industries USA to provide Australians with Whipple’s iconic 2.9L front feed & 4.0 L rear feed superchargers for those who need to go to the next level & love the sound of a whining twin screw supercharger. No 8 week waiting times or paying too much! We stock, fit & sell:

  • VE & VF Commodore LS applications complete 2.9L Stage 1 and 2 kits – Details Here
  • S550 Ford Mustangs complete 2.9L Stage 1 and 2 kits – Details Here
  • GEN IV LS Upgrade conversion kits – for those who wish to swap out their 1900 or 2300 blowers for a 2.9L Whipple (keeping existing intercooler & pump etc)
  • Assorted pulley upgrades in 6 and 8 rib
  • Mustang 10 Rib Race Belt System Upgrade (Australian Gen IV LS Belt Upgrade System Coming Soon)
  • Massive 4.0L LSX Supercharger kit with 12 Rib extended drive – capable of supporting more than 1000RWHP with the right setup.

* VE series vehicles will require ECUWEST’s reduced height engine mounts to ensure sufficient bonnet clearance. Kits do not include injectors – we can supply injectors to suit your application. Kits work best with the relevant supporting modifications i.e. 2″ headers and full exhausts, fuel system upgrades, blower spec camshaft upgrades, forged rotating assemblies for high boost applications.  

  • What mods do you already have?