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All credit card payments (Visa & MasterCard) attract a 3% surcharge.

Bike ECU Remapping service pricing is as follows (Price includes Free Express Return Shipping):

  • Bikes mail in flashes – Price per tune inclusive of return postage and handling $495.00
  • Custom ECU Bike Dyno Tuning from $850.00
  • Diesel ECU Remapping from $1400.00 (Depending on vehicle – email for specific pricing)
  • Custom Diesel and Turbo Petrol Dyno tuning from from $1400.00

Motorcycle ECU Remapping Process

  1. Download Order Form HERE
  2. Complete the form ensuring all fields are completed and email it to us:
  3. Transfer the funds via EFT – Banking details are on the Order Form – or purchase through the on page paypal cart
  4. We will prepare the tune specific to your vehicle and ECU.
  5. Package your ECU in bubble wrap and send it via an Express Post bag.
  6. Send your ECU to:
 6/18 Jacquard Way
Port Kennedy WA 6172

4WD/Car Diesel ECU Remapping Process

  1. Call and discuss what we can do for you, arrange an exhaust systems or any other upgrades
  2. Book a date to have your parts installed then custom dyno tuned
  3. Drop off at our workshop at 8:30AM
  4. Your vehicle will be ready for pick up by 4:30PM

Please enquire at: