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We remapped a clients PK Ranger last Friday and the results were impressive to say the least. This was achieved with our Stage 2 ECU Remap and an XForce 3 inch Turbo Back Exhaust we supplied him, nothing else. Aside from the massive gains in figures, the most important aspect was how it now drives. The once horrible automatic gearbox is vastly improved to a point where its quite easy to live with as we change settings within its management as well. And the seat of the pants feel in acceleration is profound. But with any remap, the main aspect to consider (as well as gains) is that there are no Check Engine Lights or fault codes being thrown and that reliability is maintained – this is what sets us apart from our competitors!

But in summary the results were:
55% increase in horsepower
50% increase in torque
8% better fuel economy – so far.

Powergate 3 2

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4 Responses to PK/PJ Ranger BT-50 ECU Remap – 55% gain in HP! Review and Dyno Results
  1. Hello, my PK Ranger has had EGR issues from new even when standard and dealer was never able to fix it. Every 2500km I had to clean the map sensor as it was clogged and the motor would start to play up. I have had a chipit chip + petrol fumigation for about 50000 km now but EGR problem got so bad I had to block it off and put up with the fault light being on. I have tried a new EGR valve, an EGR restrictor plate and also returning everything to standard with no success – it seems as though the EGR is always wide open????

    My question is, could this be an ecu issue that you can correct with a retune? I don’t mind losing the chipit system if the retune can give me similar power/economy.


    • Hi Mike,

      This is a common issue for your model. Thankfully it is easily resolved with an ECU remap. You can simply blank off your EGR, the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for this will be disabled so you dont get the nuisance check engine light (CEL) coming up all the time. Get rid of your chip, we guarantee you will get better performance and better fuel economy with an ECUWEST remap. You’ll also retain all of your original protection. We have a lot of experience with the PK/PJ old BT50.


  2. I have a PK 3.0 litre auto. I pull an 18ft van approx. 1900kgs. The convertor does not lock up in 4th (o/d off) however does in 5th (o/d on). Returns around 22-24 ltrs/100kms. On changeup holding 3000rpm gearshifts only drop rpm by around 150-200 rpm does not seem to change down without coming to a stop and revs it’s guts out and goes no where. Can you help me ? Regards Noel

    • Hi Noel,

      I have a customer who tows a 21ft Van to Coral Bay each year. He complained of fuel consumption of 26lt/100k’s and could not get no more than 80km/hr towing up hills. After an exhaust and ECU tune upgrade he earlier this year, he just did this trip again and averaged 17Lts/100k’s and the auto is a different transmission altogether. Contact us and we’ll sort your PK out also!

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