ECUWEST’s Honda VFR1200F ECU Tuning gets great gains in power, torque and rideability. Our remapping also fixes the jerky part throttle issues and rough decel. Dyno Results and key areas below.

Eliminate Factory Restrictions- Yields at least 10hp (Race Applications Only)
Increase Acceleration & Top Speed
Improved Throttle Response & Control 

Improved Fuel & Ignition Maps – O2 Sensor Deactivation When Custom Tuned
Eliminates Factory Throttle Restrictions
Optimise Throttle Maps (Fly By Wire)
Eliminate Timing Retards
Increase Rev Limit

Remove Factory Top Speed Limiter
Eliminate Factory Fuel Cut/Optimise Off-Throttle (Decel) Mapping

VFR1200F ECU Remapping results

All gains are from remapping only

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