Winols ECU Flashing Training Australia

ECUWEST is proud to be the first to introduce and conduct ECU Remapping Training Courses in Australia, conducted at our brand new training facility in Perth WA saving you and your business $1000’s in travel costs to Europe. You will be lectured by the leading Italian innovators of this art form, learning the theory then appling this to practical scenarios which are carried out and measured on our in-house premium Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers. ECUWEST can also provide specific soldering kits which will be available at an additional cost as well as diagnostic tools, please advise well in advance if this is something your business requires.

ECUWEST Training

The following courses are available now:

  • Level 1 – Basic Training and Practical USe of Equipment, ECUs and ECM Titanium This course is aimed at the re-mapper wanting to gain a professional edge for the ECU tuning industry. We’ll be covering ECU basics, design and the different strategies they run. Also tips and tricks for locating and identifying ECU’s, opening them and connecting to them easily and safely. You will be able to take the knowledge you gain in this course back to your own workshop and start remapping instantly with the utmost confidence. We also touch on getting the most out of your diagnostic tools and the basics of using ECM Titanium.
  • Level 2 – Advanced Petrol Tuning For the owners of Master tools wanting to gain knowledge in order to write your own tuning files using ECM Titanium.
  • Level 2 – Advanced Diesel Tuning For the owners of Master tools wanting to gain knowledge in order to write your own tuning files using ECM Titanium
  • Advanced Course on ECM Driver Maker ECM Titanium users cannot miss this Course. Our Staff will guide you through ECM Driver Maker processes and to the analysis of the construction of Engine control maps. The high level of specialization of the themes described require that the Course is divided into two days. Also in this Course the practical examples are very important because they represent the practical result of the theory. The successful students who finish this Course get the most out of ECM Titanium
Winols ECM Titanium Training Australia

State of the art training facilities at ECUWEST HQ Perth WA


The next course schedule begins 20th March 2018: Dates and schedule below – secure your position as seats are limited:

Starting 9:00am Tuesday 20th March 2018

  • Day 1: Level 1 – Practical use of the tools for ECU programming & ECU Theory 
  • Day 2: Level 1 – ECM Titanium remapping software
  • Day 3: Level 2 – Advanced Petrol Engine Tuning
  • Day 4: Level 2 – Advanced Diesel Engine Tuning

Lunch and afternoon/morning tea breaks provided for students


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