Don’t get caught out by focusing on price only when choosing your Performance Diesel Tuning Service Provider.
A client bought in his new PX today as he was unhappy with the outcome he got from another company. It turned out the tunefile wasn’t the only dodgy aspect to the job. Missing fasteners, or just being too lazy to replace dropped ones isn’t acceptable and is a dead giveaway that the vehicle has been apart. The worst part of this craftsmanship was how the ECU was reassembled. The lid was literally just resting on the ECU (which is susceptible to water ingress being located in the engine bay). This is a potentially dangerous situation if water enters the ECU whilst youre in an isolated area, it would wreck the ECU leaving the vehicle disabled and you and your family stranded.
We also managed to achieve an additional 50% increase in power and torque over the previous company’s effort 🙂
The customer is now happy but has paid unnecessarily for this more favorable outcome.

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