We have recently cracked the MT-09 Tracer and developed the tuning for it also. See the results below, we couldn’t really get a decent stock run as the speed limiter kept intervening. So the gain is probably a lot more as the baseline run was taken with a tuned mod file before trimming the AFRs

Eliminate Factory Restrictions- Yields at least 10hp (Race Applications Only)
Increase Acceleration & Top Speed
Improved Throttle Response & Control 

Improved Fuel & Ignition Maps – O2 Sensor Deactivation When Custom Tuned
Eliminates Factory Throttle Restrictions
Optimise Throttle Maps (Fly By Wire)
Eliminate Timing Retards
Increase Rev Limit

Remove Factory Top Speed Limiter
Eliminate Factory Fuel Cut/Optimise Off-Throttle (Decel) Mapping
Default Start Setting In A Mode



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